USA Work & Travel Week 8 (5th July 2010 – 11th July 2010)


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Gosh, time seems to fly doesn’t it. week 8 already. Seems like i wont give up on this. not yet. My target is to finish by 2011.

5th July 2010

la dee dum. i wrote that i worked 12 hours today. probably meant that i worked from opening to closing! oh wells, and my hollister stuff came too! and suddenly i remember how sorrow i feel about not being able to buy the a&f bag i saw online. argh. oh well oh well =/

6th July 2010

it was a random day and i tried to make sushi for my colleagues. but it didn’t turned out well. i tried to re-make the japanese egg but it was chao-ta. argh. then there was avocado too! and i think mayo and seaweed xh bought from some korean supermart and of course the japanese rice which i brought. honestly i didn’t think it tasted that great but aww, they just had to eat it because i made it. la la la.

7th July 2010

finally my off day, and i guess it will be rather long because we went to six flags!we booked a taxi there. supposed to get one free ticket but some crappy circumstances and we were late. we had 1 for 1 promotion with the cocacola promotion and yes, u buy a coke and u get 1 for 1. but there was odd number so we ended up paying $32 each. omg let’s start with the 6 flags adventure. i dont think i will ever take that many roller coasters in my life ever again =/ succumb to peer pressure.
i find this shot very artistic.
 photo 34615_458758331208_5891108_n.jpg

batman’s car. remind me of jay chou’s car.
batman's car.. looks like something jay chou would wish to collect. photo 35414_458608201208_406994_n.jpg
this was the batman’s ride.
Height Restrictions min. 54″
Ride Category Thrill (More like this)
Top speed 50 mph
Elevation 10.5 Stories
Length 2,693 feet
Duration 1 min 40 sec
Capacity 2 trains, 32 riders each
Introduced Spring 1993
Manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard
 photo 35414_458608206208_6933677_n.jpg
Batman the Ride puts you in the role of the Caped Crusader. Soar over Gotham City with the track and sky above, and nothing but air below your dangling feet. This suspended outside-looping roller coaster includes five head-over-heels experiences and photo 34184_458608351208_3752653_n.jpg
Height Restrictions min. 54" Ride Category Thrill (More like this) Top speed 50 mph Elevation 10.5 Stories Length 2,693 feet Duration 1 min 40 sec Capacity 2 trains, 32 riders each Introduced Spring 1993 Manufacturer Bolliger photo 34184_458608356208_3141293_n.jpg
the twist!
 photo 34184_458608366208_411875_n.jpg
Nitro – this ride is crazy.
Experience the most explosive coaster on the planet. Nitro blasts you off an unbelievable 230 feet in the air with a 215-foot dive back down to earth at speeds approaching 80 mph. This all-new colossal mega-coaster has a mile-long track lined with countless thrills.

Fly through seven steep, dramatic drops on more than a mile of twisted steel
Hold on tight as you take on double highly-banked horizontal loops
Feel the intensity of an S-curve and high-speed “hammer head” with tight twists and turns

Theme Parks Magazine recently voted Nitro as the #7 top steel roller coaster.
eight Restrictions min. 54″
Ride Category Thrill (More like this)
Top Speed 80 mph
Elevation 230 feet (23 stories)
Length 5,394 feet (1+ mile)
Duration 3 minutes (have u ever had a ride that is insanely long? that’s like almost a FULL SONG in ur head = =)
Capacity Capacity 3 trains of 36 riders each
Introduced Spring 2001
Manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard
NITRO: omg this is the crazy ride. that crazy ride which we saw it being stuck for more than 20 mins. photo 36225_458608386208_4641782_n.jpg
yes it is really crazy.
we saw this carriage got stuck there for quite some time. i would have died and never sat any roller coaster ever again if that happened to me.
that irritating twist. photo 34184_458608376208_6318086_n.jpg photo 36391_458608621208_4324565_n.jpgi told you i said it got stuck. photo 36391_458608626208_2221933_n.jpg

i didn’t sit this.
The Buccaneer An old-fashioned pirate ship on a huge pendulum, the Buccaneer will swing you into a thrilling, 180-degree arc. No height min. w/adult. 42? min. to ride alone. No infants. well i didn't take this dizzy ride photo 36391_458608646208_1137488_n.jpg
i almost didn’t sit this because i thought it was sudden drop.
i thought it was a horror ride. photo 34900_458608826208_7322229_n.jpg
i thought it looked scary. photo 34339_458758351208_2099978_n.jpgand this was all it was xD photo 37422_458617231208_6191244_n.jpgeasy up photo 35158_458617236208_4242098_n.jpg

i think this was the superman ride which i will sit later.
w-o-w. photo 37004_458617401208_5551318_n.jpg
this was the nitro ride that crazy ride just now.
*faints. but i conquered this already at the point when the photo was taken. photo 36471_458617541208_4153808_n.jpg
this is the great american scream machine
why did i even agree to come to this place x_x photo 36471_458617551208_5898415_n.jpg
it’s really a super man ride because they tilt u till ur blood rushes to ur head.
Discover what it's like to be the Man of Steel on Superman: Ultimate Flight?the only coaster of its kind in the Northeast. Lie face down and soar head-first through a twisted steel track, diving into highly banked curves, spirals and a jaw-dropping, photo 36471_458617561208_5041513_n.jpgwell i had a headache after this ride. from lying down. photo 36471_458617571208_6429644_n.jpg

u get what i mean? u can fly like superman, put ur arms out like superman. and feel your head blood vessels exploding.
the focus of the picture is that that that thingy in the middle. my greatest fear =/ photo 34484_458608816208_7661502_n.jpg
omg omg. this is the worse. kingda ka.
Kingda Ka
128 mph
Six Flags Great Adventure
Fastest AND tallest roller coaster in the world!
i’m serious!

hundred and twenty eight miles per hour. it was 50-60 in the previous 3..
you just die in this ride alright. but it is barely 90seconds. that’s how fast it was =/
Kingda Ka 128 mph Six Flags Great Adventure Fastest AND tallest roller coaster in the world! i'm serious! hundred and twenty eight miles per hour. it was 50-60 in the previous 3.. photo 36976_458758526208_3937534_n.jpg
this was terrible too, because it was rather old and wooden and u feel that it’s gonna split any moment. i think that’s the thriller part of wooden coasters.
omg. this is crazy. photo 34903_458617961208_7348581_n.jpg
we took bizzaro,the log ride and a couple of others not worth mentioning or im just lazy.
overall, it was really fun and totally worth the entrance tix. seriously, it is half price of disneyland or universal studio.

cable car! photo 35359_458618161208_5424886_n.jpgstupid el toro. photo 35359_458618176208_210261_n.jpg

we had a problem finding a way back. something like the taxi cannot fetch us because it was outside his zone, and the priced quoted to us by the other taxi was crazily expensive. we ended up taking public transport to somewhere else and got a cab back. it was kinda an adventure to feel lost, but of course i was annoyed because i hate the feeling of not knowing what to do. but i guess i should learn to deal with this emotion and obviously we reached home safely. i think we ate some zajiangmian that day too. was it? haha the tw ppl came over to cook again! but it’s funny that i’m over with the tw craze. LOL. so im not excited anymore about anything taiwan. zomg.

8th July 2010

i never like days after my off-days. it has such a relaxing feel.
i cooked the bibimbak mix i bought from muji before i left. seems like before i went to usa, i made it a point to meet up with alot of people before i leave. now that i’m back, why am i so lazy to meet up with people. what an irony. oh wells.

9th July 2010

probably stayed up very late the night before because i woke up at 3pm and work starts at 5. the good thing about waking up late is u get to skip 1-2 meals. lol. and i went to the arcade and threw money in again. shall not put down the amount i spent. haha. but i was still short of 4,550 tix at this point in time. remember, my target is 18,000.
random art pieces at work. this was shuo huang lyrics. this song really has a lot of memories for me. and i just heard another damn emo song on radio, tu ran hao xiang ni by wu yue tian. =/ what a way to remember 2010. oh wells.
 photo 34880_459339046208_6804478_n.jpg
now you know why my boss hates me? this is what i do when i am bored. its the best way to attract the attention of the small kids. HAHAHA. i’m such a pro at this 😀 photo 34880_459339061208_2440035_n.jpg

i drew this because everyone keep asking for the price of cotton candy when they can just turn their head and see the sign on the other side. obviously i didn’t hang this. i would have died. what’s the bad thing about me. i have too many opinions of my own and bosses don’t like it =/ anyway, u see the chocolates, i drew every single piece of chocolate for sale. wait, there were more! haha i’m quite proud of myself actually. photo 34880_459339076208_7473723_n.jpg

this is very cute too! the triple dipped apples and the apples family. haha. how we always hoped certain apple can’t be sold so we can feast on it. and how i love cutting apples.
 photo 34880_459339071208_5087858_n.jpg
i drew this potrait for the shop.. i’m quite a detail person when it comes to drawing.
 photo 34880_459339056208_2650325_n.jpg
this is so cute right. omg my heart melts when random kids go lile, “OMG that’s SPONGEBOB!”
 photo 35155_459339066208_7129129_n.jpg
the reason why my hours get lesser and lesser each week. oh wells. there is more to life.

10th July 2010

it was a nice day because we finally ate jersey mike subs! i can’t find the picture online and im lazy to upload. oh wait i found it.
 photo 33414_459328016208_7600110_n.jpg photo 35873_459328081208_2861041_n.jpg

and after that i chiong back to watch soccer and germany won 3-2~
also booked the 5 day tour. each person cost $270. for 5 days, inclusive of hotel and breakfast!
we went to the Macedonia house party! apparently it was a rather unique experience. zomg.
yea it was the day i realised what the macedonian flag looked like, and we took photos with the flags. haha. why didn’t we bring ours! we went home really late that night. but it’s okay. tomorrow is the BIG day.
 photo 34557_461564106208_2816686_n.jpg
free pizza once their work end. they end at 3am o.0
 photo 37831_461565001208_1507757_n.jpg

11th July 2010

woke up at 1. can’t wake up any later. had to go experience the world cup in USA. ya the land of the baseball and american football. well, went to pavilion bar anyway. there were just a small group, probably 10% there for the world cup.
heehee. managed to see my torres on bigger screen and even though he underperformed. omg my heart was up and down throughout the whole match. it was a killer emotion. much worse than the euro 08 experience i had. it was like omg OMG HOW. are they going to win or lose. omg. what if i feel so upset. OMG. it was CRAZY. i was prepared to be late for work just to finish watching even if it drags on. OMG. it was MAD. i totally can’t control my whole emotions but whatever, SPAIN WON. im supposed to buy their jersey. haha but i haven’t.
evidence of him on the big screen 😀 it was hard taking a photo after the emotional roller coaster.
 photo 37831_461565011208_1815412_n.jpg photo 37831_461565016208_1769969_n.jpg
didn’t like the food but we got a really good discount! the trick is to pretend you are friendly with whoever that is serving u. AHAHA. and of course don’t get caught while doing it.
 photo 37831_461565026208_864841_n.jpg
and that’s the end of week 8. with spain winning the world cup!
everyone loves spain!
 photo 37831_461565031208_3132247_n.jpg
 photo 37831_461565036208_4569227_n.jpg

omg im seriously dead tired. this took me almost 2 hours =/ and i dread the part where i have to blog about the travelling part. OH MY Gawd. argh argh argh. no i will persevere =/

Till next time~

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