USA Work & Travel Week 7 (28th June 2010 – 4th July 2010)


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Oh well, it was the independence day weekend and it’s gonna be very very busy. together with all the soccer matches.
had to create bank of america account too. anyway, on a random note, while creating the account, they said that we will receive $30. and guess what, the $30 was really banked in! just before we left san fran on the last few days. so it was like free $30! i was really lucky i guess. because i thought my bank account was like zero or negatived but when i checked my bank balance i was like shocked.

breakfast at OB diner. omg it was really cheap but suddenly i can’t remember the price. it was really good. their hashbrown thingy. omg. i’m hungry.
 photo 35829_459318461208_3880409_n.jpg
 photo 35829_459318466208_1418997_n.jpg

29th June 2010

we had OB diners again.
i’m not sure if this thing works. but i guess in the past it was really cool to ‘dedicate a song’
 photo 36947_455404501208_5942375_n.jpg
 photo 36947_455404511208_229522_n.jpg
and of course the food!
 photo 36889_455410216208_5747021_n.jpg
 photo 34319_455410161208_2321625_n.jpg
the soup! which tastes oh-kay only.
 photo 36889_455410221208_2511676_n.jpg
 photo 36889_455410226208_4292048_n.jpg
just some random houses along the way.
 photo 36954_455410031208_6165656_n.jpg
 photo 36954_455410046208_5776818_n.jpg
i think i rushed back home to watch torres. everything was worth it.
Spain got into the finals! It was a happy day. There was a random party on the rooftop at night too.
i remember i went for a walk with someone who started plucking the flowers by the roadside. we walked all the way to manasquan. probably a half hour walk? it was nice to walk. i think it was like 12plus1 and when we went back, haha there were alot of people on the rooftop. well it’s not rooftop rooftop, maybe a balcony or something. there was a huge party going on and obviously we can’t sleep since our room was directly underneath.
oh well, i shall not describe the event of booze, shisha(whatever the spelling), smoke and drunk people. gosh. but i had an easy task which was just to take photos and observer everything that was going around me. more of an eye opener that a participant.
didn’t sleep the whole night because of (undisclosed reasons unrelated to me).
but because of that, i managed to capture the sunrise the next morning. sadly, i was alone watching the sunrise from the balcony.
do you see it? the sun (egg yolk) coming out from the horizon. yea the horizon. the imaginary line where the sky and sea meets.
at least i saw the sunrise (: photo 36954_455410066208_4424946_n.jpg
alright alright, i admit to using sunset mode on my canon camera. hahahahahahah.
 photo 36954_455410071208_3526389_n.jpg
the one without any effects.
 photo 36954_455410086208_7770998_n.jpg
and this was the aftermath of the party.
 photo 36954_455410106208_6863658_n.jpg
whee. and i didn’t sleep the whole night. why? because the next day we are going SHOPPING.

30th June 2010

la dee dum. it was a road trip to woodbury in new york for shopping! obviously i didn’t drive but i remember writing down all the directions, of course from google maps! renting car was a headache.but eventually we got it although we weren’t supposed to rent a car. it was around $107 including insurance for 24 hours. it was around 2 hours the whole journey and gosh their expressway is really fast. i would have died driving.
 photo 34592_455753836208_823265_n.jpg
it’s amazing how they have shopping outlets with mountains as a backdrop. wow.
 photo 34592_455753841208_5030432_n.jpg
evidence that we really drove.
 photo 34035_455753946208_3105918_n.jpg
it was really hot. and a lot of walking needed to be done. because it is like FLAT. oh wells.
 photo 34035_455753961208_6847283_n.jpg photo 34035_455753966208_2768191_n.jpg photo 34035_455753976208_8335835_n.jpg photo 34035_455753986208_971141_n.jpg

and i always regret not getting more.
 photo 34086_455754111208_6512730_n.jpg
and the loots for the day!
 photo 34086_455754126208_2117813_n.jpg
things just come in very very big bags. i should have brought home all the paper bags. they are so pretty.
i could have spent more. i could.

1st July 2010

The taiwanese were coming one by one, and i think there were 3 lost sheeps and we took them in for the night. A pity I can’t seem to remember their names =/ and they forgot to add me on facebook. oh wells.
Fireworks started! On every thursday night. It wasn’t exactly awesome in terms of designs but it was very long. Maybe 15mins?
I don’t know. I acted like a small kid who was so amazed with fireworks and I even took a video of it. Things got really bad on independence day. I got scolded for watching fireworks instead of working. It was a rather bad scolding but whatever. Whenever she is in a bad mood because there are too many customers I get hell anyway. The start of the nightmare for me while working =/
 photo 36695_459338361208_4233916_n.jpg photo 35110_459338711208_6299350_n.jpg photo 35110_459338721208_2610068_n.jpg photo 35110_459338726208_1617202_n.jpg

2nd July 2010

Can’t remember what happened today but I wrote that I was really angry and that I went over to the arcade to waste even more money. I think it was something about me being too nice to the customer and getting scolded as a result. customer is not always right in the USA. what customer service? it is not supposed to exist =/ zzz but then again it was someone’s birthday! and she had to spend it cleaning the kitchen. oh wells. i shall be nice and not post maria’s photo up here.
This is the after photo. Imagine what it was like before =/
 photo 35110_459338756208_5676710_n.jpg
 photo 35110_459338761208_6970259_n.jpg
oh well, i had to nurse my anger of getting wrongfully scolded too. zah.

cupcakes from new york!

 photo 36841_459327801208_4876520_n.jpg

3rd July 2010

went over and tried the chinese food in point pleasant for the first time!
 photo 37336_459327926208_5255855_n.jpg
the serving was as usual, HUGE.
 photo 37336_459327941208_6580144_n.jpg
 photo 37336_459327946208_2527686_n.jpg photo 37336_459327951208_8260673_n.jpg
and you see those gallons of water in the background. we have to make a trip of 15-20mins every few days to refill our gallons. and carry them back (filled & heavy). which was why i didn’t exactly gain much weight while i was there. we had to walk walk walk and keep walking =/
 photo 33414_459328006208_1958186_n.jpg
as usual we can’t finish the food.
and there was my favourite drink. SNAPPLE. omg i still remember trying to search for this particular flavour, ORANGEADE (orange + lemonade) omg i drank it once in new york and i searched everywhere and i still can’t find it again. i remember rushing to every CVS and walgreens drink section just to look for the flavour. it was super super super nice. and i can’t find it anymore =( i’ll show the picture once i’m at that point in time.
 photo 36841_459327806208_1482952_n.jpg
oh and it was a saturday, which means the brown house was having a party. they have a birthday party every saturday. but the funniest thing is they always celebrate early birthdays? even like 6 months in advance. it was just an excuse to have a party. but we didn’t really know how to interact so we were just there to explore their house. and just to say hi to the friendly ones. oh well. they are nice people.

4th July 2010

and the dreaded independence day came. but the day started well as we made a mad rush to jersey shore premium outlet for shopping. we took a cab this time and we were so scared that we might be late for work. i bought my converse shoes for $14.99! and madden girls shoes which i absolutely love it but it is torn and tattered after i kept wearing it when i was there =/ and of course not forgetting my tommy bag.

it was really a bad work day as i got scolded for watching fireworks. when there weren’t any customers at my side of the shop. i still very angsty over the whole incident somehow. oh wells. too bad i’m not the boss. can’t believe i actually got scolded twice in a row. oh wells, but the taiwanese came over and cooked their ramen beef noodles for us, while waiting to use the washing machine. if i remember correctly, i also booked the tickets for our domstic flight across the continent. think we paid $224 for it. well, we collected tips today too, an attempt to cool myself down from the anger. it was quite a lot of tips. for the amount of hours i put in. argh.

and that signals the end of the week. with independence day! it was so busy that i didn’t take any photo on that day.

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  • JIAYU IT IS MADDEN! NOT MAIDDEN! hahahahhaa you ah Steve Madden will be so sad. and again, thank you for that night. hahaha.