USA Work & Travel Week 6 (21st June 2010 – 27th June 2010)


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Finally, my off day! It was on a Wednesday, 23rd June and without much thinking, we decided to go to atlantic city! Since google map tells you everything, it wasn’t too hard to figure your way around. I think we had to go to this other terminal to change some bus or something. it wasn’t that cheap to get there.

It was still rather low, for a city. hmph.

Anyway, Atlantic city was supposed to be in the same category as Las Vegas since it was casino-based and everything. oh wells.
the mac’s look cute though.

and so it was shopping and more shopping. why are they opening up a shop in sg =/ then everyone will look the same. argh. but i like H&M. not that expensive and quality has been good so far. bought 2 shorts of the same design but different colour. lol.

went apple bees for lunch. i guess this place has something to do with the sitcom ‘friends’

really interesting place with all their displays.

with the interesting lights

there was this promotional set. 1 side dish and 2 main course.

and obviously we can’t finish again. their take out box looks so cute.

and finally, taller buildings in sight!

would i ever miss any chance to enter this?

haha yea and i did threw money away again. somehow i just don’t have luck.

not forgetting green tea frapp wherever i go!

we didn’t stay for long. it was just a day trip.


and that was it for my off day.

random boardwalk/food moments
funnel cake – nothing awesome.
 photo 35417_453284616208_6343880_n.jpg
 photo 35417_453284621208_5727927_n.jpg
the favourite and easiest breakfast. look at the boxes. how huge.
 photo 37378_454157666208_131893_n.jpg
cheeseburger from pizza plus! $4 photo 34075_454157566208_30114_n.jpg
another cheeseburger from another shop.
cheeseburger from bar and grill $4+ photo 34178_452645231208_7782509_n.jpg
this was a sandwich prepared by my colleague at work. it has baked beans, avocado, ham and cheese. taste really great.
sandwich prepared by megan! photo 34178_452641916208_585756_n.jpg

this should be my screensaver right.
 photo 34178_452641731208_7863979_n.jpg
 photo 34178_452641356208_3105978_n.jpg
i worked a total of 61.45 hours this week. you know what it means?

40 hours of normal pay, and 21.45 hours of 1.5 pay. which means i get 72 hours of pay this week. awesome.

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