Visiting Mount Takao in Autumn – Dec 2017

In my recent trip to Tokyo back in December, I only had time for one other exploration (apart from my Kamakura/Enoshima stay).

After a long selection, the choice was between Nikko and Mt Takao. I would have gone to Nikko if it snowed (wishful thinking as it was only early December), but sadly there wasn’t any chance of snow and it was a lot pricier should we have gone to Nikko instead. Visiting Mount Takao turns out to be an awesome option as it was nearer and it only required half a day, which means that I could spend the remaining half of the day exploring the beautiful Christmas illuminations later that evening.

In case I get a little longwinded, here’s a summary of what I did, so you can skip the rest.

Schedule for the Day

[9:45am] Train to Takao Station via Chuo Line from Tokyo Station
[11:02am] Arrive at Takao Station
[11:15am] Lunch at Takao Rengaya (Black Pork Tonkatsu)
[12:17pm] Train from Takao Station to Takaosanguchi Station
[12:22pm] Arrive at Takaosanguchi Station
[12:33pm] Took Chair Lift
[12:49pm] Alight from Chair Lift
Hiked up to the peak via Route 1 (easiest route)
Visit Takao-san Yakuo-in Temple along the way
Descended via Route 4 (Suspension Bridge)
[3:04pm] Took Chair Lift
[3:43pm] Took train from Takaosanguchi
[4:01pm] Took train from Takao Station
[4:58pm] Arrive at Tokyo Station

Amount Spent – 2,800Y

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