Going Cashless in Singapore – Be Rewarded or Be Left Behind

I’ve been working on this blog post for the past 3 months (well since July 2018) but it somehow always gets pushed down to my low priority list. Even watching and completing yanxi palace came to me of higher priority.

Well, back in the days where I was working in CBD area, I challenged my colleague to do a cashless week challenge where we had to survive without cash for a week. Should we fail to do so, we will get points deducted and the person with the highest number of points will win. Sadly, no one was keen on this challenge and I gave up on the self-declared cashless challenge (for myself) after one day.

Now that my office has shifted to the heartland area, the cashless challenge becomes increasingly hard and the reliance I have on cash is all-time high as our lunch is mainly at coffee shops and hawker centers. To date, I’ve only found one caifan place which accepts GrabPay and one Mala place which accepts FavePay. Apart from that, I also use Apple Pay on a regular basis as it is so convenient. I don’t even have to open my wallet to search for my card when at the cashier. However, credit card payments are still not widely accepted yet, especially among the unknown brands. I still heavily rely on cash 90% of the time.

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Never miss out with Cashback Buddy by ShopBack

I’d been a long-time supporter of ShopBack since its earlier days and I just recently reached a small milestone after 5 years. My lifetime earnings from ShopBack has finally reached 4-digits 😀 Technically, there’s nothing to be proud of since it simply means that I’m spending a lot more but well, at least I’m getting

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[FILMING LOCATION] Story of Yanxi Palace

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about this drama which was so popular that a lot of casual viewers were hooked on the drama, watching it ‘live’ as it gets aired in China. I was super late in jumping on the bandwagon and after a newspaper article feature, countless

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Visiting Seoul – Sep 2018 – Random Updates

I visited South Korea again. This time, it was a relatively short trip (6 nights) compared to my visit last May (12 nights) and to be honest I didn’t do much but the ‘beauty’ of my trip was that I only stayed in Seoul. Gone were the days where I city-hopped to chased sunrise/sunset across

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YouTrip Review – Are the savings worth the extra hassle?

When I first heard of YouTrip, I couldn’t exactly relate it to payments as it sounds more like a Travel Startup but after deep-diving into its offerings, it definitely has some utility in the travel aspect which brings me to writing this review on my.. travel blog. This card is pretty much a good representative of

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[FILMING LOCATION] Crazy Rich Asians Movie

The long-awaited movie is finally here and the Crazy Rich series is one of the few books I’ve been reading in recent years. I’ve yet to watch the movie (should be doing so in the next couple of days). Based on the article features and trailer clips, the film was filmed mainly in Singapore and

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10 years later.. what have I achieved?

I guess it’s just one of those days that I feel like reminiscing about the past and this ain’t gonna be a travel post so you can skip it cause it will be more of a self-reflection of my life for the past 10 years. Sometimes I really wonder who bothers to read such posts

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