Where to see Mt Fuji – Dec 2017

I guess I’m really super lucky to be given the chance to visit Japan twice this year despite being like super busy in my day job. Maybe it’s kind of like a reward after all that hard work I have done and am still doing. Well, after drawing a ‘bad’ and ‘super bad’ fortune lot back in my trip in March, things kind of improved and in my recent trip, I drew a ‘good’ and ‘super good’ fortune lot! To add on to the joy, I was blessed with an amazing weather during my trip! Prior to the trip, I did pray, hope and wish every night for the good weather and.. oh wells I’m really thankful.

Good weather = higher chance of sighting Mt Fuji from Tokyo

Guess where and when did I first sight Mt Fuji in my trip?

1. From the Window Seat on the Plane

When taking plane rides, I usually request for the window seat because I don’t usually need to visit the restroom when I’m in flight. This means that I don’t have to disturb anyone or be disturbed. Anyway, I was taking a red-eye flight, so I kind of concuss on the plane after watching the super boring Fireworks movie (seriously don’t even bother). When I woke up, it was daylight already and I even slept through my meal!

(Random joke: The staff asked if I wanted a drink so I said Green Tea, Cold. The staff asked again and I said ‘Cold’. She then came back with Coke. I had breakfast with coke..)

In the process of me trying to open my eyes, I happen to see this little triangle in the distance among the clouds. A part of me was like.. ohmy, is that the legendary Mt Fuji from the plane or have I not woken up from dreamland yet? I struggled to keep my eyes open and through the fuzzy image in my mind, I decided to take some photos and soon after.. there was an announcement from the crew, telling us that if we look out of the left window, we could see Mt Fuji. I was like.. ohmy, I’m not dreaming! You can actually really see Mt Fuji from the plane! Basically, if you ain’t sitting at the window seat, or the one beside, it is kind of impossible to see Fuji-san.

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Illumination in Japan 2017 – Tokyo, Enoshima, Yokohama, Fujisawa

It is always a wonderful time to be in Japan during December (apart from the more expensive air tickets and crowd) as the christmas celebrations over here is pretty intense. I’m not sure how many % of Japanese are actually Christians or Catholics but the concept of ‘Christmas’ has evolved into a celebratory festival among the

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Exploring Bali with Grab Taxi 2D1N itinerary

You’ve heard the stories, you’ve seen the pictures but.. is Grab and Uber really illegal in Bali? Well, apart from this news article (dated Apr 2016), I haven’t read much official news about it being absolutely illegal and banned in Bali or Indonesia so I guess the drivers are kind of like in the grey

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GlocalMe G3 review – Why rent when you can own one?

As an avid traveller (at least for this year), I’ve been travelling almost every month (with the exception of February and November) and well, the one thing I cannot live without is.. data. Over the years, I’ve explored almost every single option available (See full list): Using my local Telco (m1 data passport/Singtel Dataroam), Purchasing a Prepaid

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Visiting China 2017 – Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou in autumn

‘The last time I visited China was back in 2006 where I went went to Guangxi/Hanoi to see the famous waterfalls (De Tian Pu Bu). Prior to that, I visited Beijing in 2002. Yep – that’s me and China. I’m always reserving my visits to ‘China’ to ‘when I’m older’. Well, my decision to (finally)

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Exploring Chuncheon – not your usual itinerary

It’s been more than 4 months since I’ve returned from Korea and I seem to be taking forever to blog about my trip. Well as mentioned in my earlier posts about Korea, my adventure to South Korea this spring was really random and anyhow whack as we didn’t explore the usual tourists’ attractions. In Chuncheon,

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[Filming Location] Temperature of Love (In Progress)

Just started watching this drama! Let me know (by commenting below) if you are keen to get the filming locations with more details and screencaps from the actual drama. Will start working on my article if there’s a demand for it. **************** Here are some places which I managed to find: Seoul Côté Jardin (Scene

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