South Korea – May June 2017 – Full Itinerary

I do not know if I will ever have time to write a proper post on my trip, so I’ve type out my entire itinerary so in case if you’re desperate and eager to know where I’ve been, you can find your information below.

Day 1 – Wed – 26 April 2017

[12:00pm] Original Timing for flight departure
[5:55pm] Scoot flight finally departed to Taipei after countless delays due to various reasons
[10:21pm] Arrival at Taoyuan International Airport
[11:05pm] Depart Taipei

Read my experience on Scoot’s delayed flight to Taipei 

Day 2 – Thu – 27 April 2017

[02:37am] Landed at Incheon International Airport
[03:11am] Collected luggage at Belt
[03:40am] Private Transfer from Incheon to Seoul

[04:30am] Supper (ate Bossam) at 송가네 감자탕 in Hongdae area
(Address: 258-3 Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea)

[05:30am] Check-in accommodation @ ROINhome (Mangwon/Hapjeong Station)
< Bathe, Pack & Sleep> Read my review of ROINhome

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12 days, 6 cities in South Korea for under $2000

I’m finally done the sums and I’m proud to announce that I’ve somewhat done a rather ‘budget travel’ trip to South Korea! My total expenditure for the trip was $1,922.05 (Disclaimer: this amount has been adjusted to include the ‘treats’ that I received and gave in Korea). Well, if I exclude the amount I spent

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Work and Travel Australia for Singaporeans

According to the Tripzilla article that I read this afternoon, I found out that Australia is finally opening up the “Working Holiday” programme for Singaporeans!   This post might seem a little messy because.. I’m kind of overly excited right now! (Just for reference) I screenshot the following information from the embassy website (which they

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[Filming Location] Coffee Prince Buam Dong Cafe

Coffee Prince was one of my favourite dramas back in my teenage days and.. 10 years later, I’m still watching the same guy (Gong Yoo) on TV. Despite visiting Korea 4 times, I have never succeeded in making this cafe as part of my itinerary as it simply looks “out of the way” from everything

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