Visiting Seoul – Sep 2018 – Random Updates

I visited South Korea again.

This time, it was a relatively short trip (6 nights) compared to my visit last May (12 nights) and to be honest I didn’t do much but the ‘beauty’ of my trip was that I only stayed in Seoul.

Gone were the days where I city-hopped to chased sunrise/sunset across the coastal cities.

For this trip, all my accommodation was in Seoul and the focus was kind of catching up with friends and trying to figure out what’s the next big trend that I can write about.

1. I took Asiana Airlines (OZ754/OZ753)

It was my first time taking this airline (well, tickets were affordable at $567) and I thought that it would have been cool to take a Star Alliance flight but little did I know that.. it’s quite a disappointment from my expectations. I guess I have been too pampered in my travels this year (JAL, SIA, Cathay) and forgotten that not all full-service airlines have a proper in-flight entertainment system.

The departing flight delayed for more than an hour (we departed at almost 5am) but it was understandable as there had been a typhoon the past couple of days. Anyway, the departure flight’s in-flight entertainment was the old school system where you can’t select the movies/shows you want to watch whenever you want it. You surf through the channels and watch it and whatever timing it has elapsed until. You are not able to start/pause/stop. This was the super old school way.

What can be worse.. for our return flight back, there wasn’t even a TV at every seat. The only TV you could watch was the sharing one above.

On hindsight, no in-flight entertainment wasn’t that bad after all as I could sleep and catch up on my sleep.

2. Never trust the weather forecast too much

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YouTrip Review – Are the savings worth the extra hassle?

When I first heard of YouTrip, I couldn’t exactly relate it to payments as it sounds more like a Travel Startup but after deep-diving into its offerings, it definitely has some utility in the travel aspect which brings me to writing this review on my.. travel blog. This card is pretty much a good representative of

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[FILMING LOCATION] Crazy Rich Asians Movie

The long-awaited movie is finally here and the Crazy Rich series is one of the few books I’ve been reading in recent years. I’ve yet to watch the movie (should be doing so in the next couple of days). Based on the article features and trailer clips, the film was filmed mainly in Singapore and

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10 years later.. what have I achieved?

I guess it’s just one of those days that I feel like reminiscing about the past and this ain’t gonna be a travel post so you can skip it cause it will be more of a self-reflection of my life for the past 10 years. Sometimes I really wonder who bothers to read such posts

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