Tourists visiting Cape Town – is the drought situation really bad?

Day Zero – the day where water supplies may be cut off in Cape Town – has been in the news for a really long while and it has recently been announced that ‘Day Zero’ has been postponed indefinitely.

Prior to my visit to South Africa in March 2018, many of my friends have been constantly asking me if I was worried about the drought situation. Back then, ‘Day Zero’ was scheduled for April 2018 and if it really did happen, will the water really be cut off for the tourists as well? Fortunately, day zero did not happen and I have nothing to share but I would like to share some thoughts about the situation in Cape Town while I was there.

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Exploring local neighbourhoods of Tokyo – Nakano and Koenji

Having visited Tokyo five times in the past three years, I’m always on the lookout for new places to explore. I’m pretty much ‘done’ with the usual touristy attractions – Meji Shrine, Skytree, Odaiba, Disneyland – and now I’m trying to find and visit the hidden gems of Tokyo (and greater Tokyo). In my previous trips,

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Buying luxury watches in Tokyo – The Watch Company Nakano

Are you intending to purchase your first luxury timepiece? Why not consider buying it from Japan? With its tax-free shops, dedicated and inspiring customer service, Japan has long been the destination of choice for tourists looking for some serious retail therapy. With recent devaluation of the yen against many foreign currencies, like the Singaporean dollar,

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Hong Kong March 2018 – 4D3N Itinerary

Seems like I’m pretty much an ‘asian’ traveller for most of my trips in recent years. Looking back at my travelogue history, this trip marks my 4th trip in 6 years. Well, the reason why I’m visiting Hong Kong (again) was because of the super cheap Black Friday ticket sales that we bought via Cathay Pacific

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