Exploring Chuncheon – not your usual itinerary

It’s been more than 4 months since I’ve returned from Korea and I seem to be taking forever to blog about my trip. Well as mentioned in my earlier posts about Korea, my adventure to South Korea this spring was really random and anyhow whack as we didn’t explore the usual tourists’ attractions. In Chuncheon, most people visit places like Nami Island, Petite France, Garden of Morning Calm, Gangchon Railbike etc. On the other hand, I haven’t visited any of the above-mentioned places because.. I know I’ll go there someday and.. these places can wait.


Seoul – Chuncheon
We travelled from Seoul to Chuncheon via the ITX from Yongsan Station. As we were travelling on a public holiday in Korea (we kind of forgotten about it), we couldn’t get the earliest ticket out of Seoul as the tickets were sold out and we didn’t bother buying beforehand (cause I wanted to not be tied down to any fixed itinerary). We had to buy a free-standing ticket as the seated ones were sold out till a lot later. Nevertheless, we were chiong-ster enough to get the foldable seats near the door (there’s 6 at every door if I’m not wrong). Alternatively, if you do not have a seat, you can comb the carriages and sit on any random empty seat, until someone comes by with a paying ticket. The journey was about 73 minutes and it was a very scenic route.

Chuncheon – Sokcho
After 2 nights in Chuncheon, we moved on to Sokcho for the 1 night that I’ve booked prior to the trip. The reason why I had to book the night prior to the trip was that it was a public holiday and you should not depend on walk-ins on such occasions because chances are you will not get anything. The bus ride from Chuncheon to Sokcho was about 3 hours and we booked our tickets the day before (you cannot leave anything to chance on public holiday). Sokcho is a little confusing – there are two bus terminals but I’ll share more about it in my blog post about Sokcho.

How many nights do I need in ChunCheon?

Most people who prefer to do a touch-and-go or perhaps been-there-done-that itinerary will keep ChunCheon as a day trip. They will cover the main places – Nami island, Petite France, Garden of Morning Calm, Gangchon rail bike plus eating dakgalbi at the popular myeongdong dakgalbi street (actually all these places will take you about 2 days) but I guess it is a preferred option as you won’t have to deal with the hassle of changing hotel every night (We changed accommodation 10 times in 11 nights) if you just stayed in one location in Seoul.

If I could re-plan my itinerary, I would spend at least 3 to 4 nights in ChunCheon – but that’s because I like to take things slow and easy. I would want to do a half or full day leisure cycling around ChunCheon (and perhaps suffer from muscle ache), chill at 2 more cafes with superb scenery, do the Gangchon railbike which I’ve yet to do plus zipline to Nami Island, visit Petite France and Garden of Morning Calm (filming location for moonlight drawn by clouds + many other dramas). #imisskorearightnow

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