Cape Town Itinerary and Garden Route Tour

Continuing my South Africa journey from my previous post on Victoria Falls and Kruger National Park..

To be honest, the first leg of the trip was pretty tiring. We had 4 flights in 6 days, covering 3 countries and 2 national parks. Well, it was actually planned that way cause in case we didn’t manage to see the animals in the national park, we could see the guaranteed ones in the Game Reserves of Cape Town.

To be honest, after visiting the real deal in the national parks, looking at caged/enclosed animals ain’t awesome anymore. Spotting animals in the ‘wild’ is so memorable that nothing else can beat that awesomeness.

Day 7 – Thursday
[10:30] Transfer from Hotel to Kruger Airport
[13:00] Flight from Kruger to Cape Town

The flight from Kruger to Cape Town is rather pricey (~$350) but we kind of had no choice cause of the little one (3 years old).
To reduce cost, most people would take a bus from Kruger to Johannesburg and then transfer via plane back to Cape Town.

Lucky to be sitting on the correct side of landing to see Table Mountain and Lion’s Head on landing.

[15:45] Arrival at Cape Town
Transfer to Island Club Hotel
[18:31] Dinner at Mama’s Kitchen (Chinese/Sushi Resturant opened by Taiwanese)

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