[FILMING LOCATION] Memories of Alhambra

Hi there, I’m really addicted to this drama right now (much more than Encounter).

The storyline is so thrilling and sometimes I do get scared when I watch it late at night. I’m really crossing my fingers that everything makes sense in the end and I’m really glad they did all that overseas filming. It really makes me miss the European architecture and I’m really wondering when I will get a chance to visit Spain again – and I’ll have to visit the Spain film spots for Legends of the Blue Sea as well!

Similar to all my other drama posts, I will be needing some time to do the screengrabs from the drama + finding the address and should I stop halfway, it simply means that I’m too busy (it’s just the start of the year >_<) or I gave up watching the drama cause it went downhill. This KoreanDramaLand had been really efficient in sourcing for the locations so do head over to their website if you can’t find the information here.

Here’s a list of locations that I’ve managed to dig across the internet:

Spain (Barcelona)

  • Estacio de França Train Station [Estación de Francia]
  • Gavà Railway Station

Spain (Terrassa)


Spain (Girona)

  • Restaurant la Penyora in Barri Vell (Hostel Bonito)
  • The Pont de les Peixateries Velles (Bridge of the Old Fishmarket)
  • Pont de Pedra (Stone Bridge )

Spain (Granada)

  • Plaza De Nueva
  • Fountain of Pomegranates
  • San Juan de los Reyes street
  • Cuesta del Chapiz
  • San Miguel Alto Shrine [Ermita de San Miguel Alto]


  • Budhapest Train Station


  • Hercules Fountain [Herkulov vodnjak]

Information Credits: Soompi ForumKoreanDramaLand

Episode 1

Barcelona França railway station[Estación de Francia]

Address: Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera, s/n, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

More Photos from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barcelona_Fran%C3%A7a_railway_station

Gavà Railway Station [Estació de Gavà]

Address: 08850 Gavà, Barcelona, Spain

In the drama, this station was known as Granada but in reality, Granada Station looks like that:

Image result for granada station

The film spot for the so called ‘Granada Station’ is situated somewhat along the outskirts of Barcelona. To be honest, prior to watching this drama, I’ve not heard of ‘Granada’ before, neither have I heard of Alhambra. The only two places I’ve visited in Spain is Barcelona and Madrid. No idea how and why the scriptwriters decide upon this city. I’m pretty sure screen tourism will result in an influx of tourists to Spain and the featured cities. Let’s see if the traction will be greater than my writeup of Legend of the Blue Seas..

Hostel Bonita = Restaurant la Penyora in Barri Vell, Girona

Address: Carrer Nou del Teatre, 3, 17004 Girona, Spain

I have no idea how she (KoreanDramaLand) managed to find this location. It’s such a random restaurant along the streets.

Recalling the days where I searched almost every single street on Google Maps to look for that door in Quebec for the Goblin drama. It was pretty epic as I legitly used Google Street View and click on my mouse for a few hours before finding it. #memories

Taberna = La Terra (Shop where he retrieved his first sword)

Address: Carrer de les Ballesteries, 23, 17004 Girona, Spain

Note: No one knows if the interior of the toilet is legit. Until the day one of my readers visit and let me know. I can’t enter the guy’s toilet anyway.. heh.

** To be continued **

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