Goblin Filming Location in Quebec – The Ultimate Guide

Here’s what you guys have been waiting for.. a direct comparison of drama footages vs actual google street view to ‘verify’ the addresses even if you’re not there yourself physically =p


goblin drama location Rue Sainte-Ursule 2

goblin drama location Rue Sainte-Ursule 1


goblin drama location Petit-Champlain District red doorgoblin drama location Petit-Champlain District red door 1



Check Pricing for Hotel (Please be prepared. It is a 4* Hotel after all..)




goblin drama location maple leaf parc samuel hollande quebec 2 goblin drama location maple leaf parc samuel hollande quebec





goblin drama location cafe fountaine de tourny quebec

goblin drama location cafe fountaine de tourny quebec 1


goblin drama location La Boutique de Noel quebec

Porte Prescott

goblin drama location porte prescott quebec

Different view of the bridge from the bottom

Pierre-Dugua-De-Mons Terrace

goblin drama location Pierre-Dugua-De-Mons Terrace quebec

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  • I’m sooooo glad I’ve found your blog! I really love it, all these details are such good information!!
    thank youu!

  • I’ll be using this as a guide if I go to quebec in the future, HOHO 😀
    Thank you sooooo much for this blog ! 🙂

  • Just wanna say Thank you for sharing all Locations
    We flew to Quebec couple of weeks ago.
    And following your Blog posts.I may say yes! we found each and every locations.feeling so Accomplished.
    Even spoke the owner of the store with two yellow Pots at the front door and showed us bunch of pictures during the filming off course! specially Gong Yoo’s Pic😘.❤
    Appreciate you…..

    • thanks for coming back to leave a comment! I’m so happy that you succeeded in finding all the locations~ Hope I will get to do it too when I do visit Quebec.. someday.. I can’t believe the owner even showed you photos of filming! You are really lucky!

  • I am going back to Québec tomorrow with my wfie who cannot wait to see all these places where the series was shot. Thanks to you, she will be able to brag about it to her Korean friends and family. Très beau travail, merci beaucoup!

    • So happy for you to be visiting Quebec! Good luck on finding all the filming spots and do come back and share your experience ^_^

  • I literally just left Quebec City. I am going back to Toronto with a happy heart. Thanks for the helpful info about and visuals of the filming locations. The red door was a tricky one since there’s tons of red doors in Petit Champlain. Your photo was my compass for real. Million thanks!

    • Thanks for leaving a comment and I’m glad that my post has helped you with finding the exact red door. hope you had a great trip to Quebec =)