Artbox Thailand – Revisit in Dec 2016 at Chatuchak

Popular Artbox Market will be visiting Singapore very soon!

Date: 14-16 April & 22-24 April 2017

Time: 3PM – 11PM

Location: Bayfront Event Space 

Directions: Bayfront MRT, Exit E

For more information, please visit event page here.


I’m so happy to be back at Artbox – my favourite hangout place in Bangkok since Sep 2015.

Since then (over the past 14 months), Artbox has shifted from Queen Sirikit to Em-District and now they will be at Chatuchak area (Kamphangphet MRT Exit 1) weekly (Fri-Sun) for 7 months!

Anyway, always check their faceboook for the latest update before heading down in case they are having some repair works (which happened before for their previous editions)

This Chatuchak Location (30 Sep to 30 Apr) will be the longest location this pop-up container night market may “stay” for – 7 months.

 photo IMG_3612_zpsz0m4aq4k.jpg

As I was on a media-invite “touch and go” itinerary, we were only allocated 45 mins for this place but it wasn’t too bad as I knew what I was there for!

The afternoon before we visited Artbox, I stalked the IG account of my favourite beef stall (@barbieandbottle)  to check if they were still operating at Artbox. I guess I was really lucky as it was the one and only thing I look forward to in Artbox. Thankfully, the size of this edition of Artbox is smaller than the previous one and that we visited really early, it took me less than 5 mins to locate them. Without any hesitation, I ordered the 180B Beef. It was a pleasant surprise to know that there was NO INFLATION despite Chatuchak famous coconut ice cream price’s increased from 35B to 50B.

 photo IMG_3614_zpsqufwfoon.jpg

I was so happy to see that the serving of the beef was still pretty decent! Despite it being very nice nice, it could have been nicer if it was slightly raw-er like the one I had last year for TWO NIGHTS. Apart from that, I would totally eat this again & again, as long as I’m back in Bangkok they are still around.

 photo IMG_3619_zpsfefx7lwf.jpg

The only other thing I ate here (within the 45 mins) was the biggest cockle I have ever seen my whole life.

 photo IMG_3625_zpsvfym2iba.jpg

It is.. the size of my palm and we bought 2 huge cockles at 150B. The shop owner didn’t want to sell me just one cockle but I was glad that my fellow tour-mate was willing to share!

As seen from the picture below – it was kind of 90% cooked aka overcook. Usually, I would have preferred it to be 60% cooked to retain more of its juiciness but nevertheless, it was still pretty interesting to chew on such a giant cockle.

 photo IMG_3641_zpslphmvnjc.jpg photo IMG_3639_zpsvszhr31z.jpg

The shop had other seafood giants on sale too – though the price is really not cheap in thailand context.

 photo IMG_3626_zpsun9mo71u.jpg

This Hokkaido Cheese Toast had the longest queue when I was there. Sadly, I don’t have the luxury of time to wait. If you’ve tried this, please let me know how amazing it is!

 photo IMG_3617_zpsboychuqs.jpg

Random snaps of instagram-worthy food/drinks!

 photo IMG_3622_zpspbivyxbd.jpg

 photo IMG_3623_zps6edzcoyu.jpg

 photo IMG_3624_zpsb7bxpx2a.jpg

 photo IMG_3644_zps3tms7e05.jpg

Something new about this container market is that you can now go up to “Level 3″ for a greater vantage point!

 photo IMG_3621_zpsgfdvmfu7.jpg

I only had time for “Level 2″‘s view before getting called back to eat my giant cockle.

 photo IMG_3637_zpse10gvruf.jpg

Similar to the previous edition that I’ve been, they used pallets as seats and tables. There’s also a live stage for music performance . Compared to the previous one at Queen Sirikit, the seating area was bigger and the food and shops (though lesser in numbers) were properly segregated. There was also green carpet/turfing for most areas supposedly as a “cover-up” for their somewhat uneven ground but I guess it was a lot better than mud and gravels.

If you’re wondering why it looks so empty, it’s because we visited and left before 7PM. The atmosphere would have been better later in the night with the live music and crowd.

 photo IMG_3632_zpstzah5fy7.jpg

Food trucks were also a common sight.

 photo IMG_3633_zpsru9rybka.jpg

Shops – It was a little ‘tiring’ to shop given that I spent 2 hours in Chatuchak prior to visiting Artbox.

This location was kind of like a double-edged sword. They can get the flow over crowd from Chatuchak’s visitors but it also mean that they will be getting tons of tired and already worn out customers. Shopping in Chatuchak can take up a lot of your energy as it is not only hot but there’s so many things to look at that your eyes can get real tired..

 photo IMG_3645_zpsssx5ifu8.jpg

I didn’t buy much – just 3 socks and 1 bag – but it was like more than 50% of all the things that I bought for my this trip.

They had the personalized hammer-name bracelet that I previously did in Hua Hin.

 photo IMG_3648_zpsmnvmedq2.jpg

Since Artbox is about “ART” too, there were a few murals.

 photo IMG_3646_zpsyquz87kh.jpg

and several #OOTD worthy quotes all over.

Apologies for posting photos that look like crap. I was literally just snapping and moving on since there was not much time.

 photo IMG_3647_zpsnqe74ob0.jpg

I couldn’t even wait for this random head to be out of my frame..

 photo IMG_3649_zpsvfetd3e6.jpg

 photo IMG_3650_zpst2nmhgez.jpg

 photo IMG_3656_zpsppcllol2.jpg

Since Christmas is round the corner, there were beautiful lights too!

 photo IMG_3651_zpssaie4v18.jpg

 photo IMG_3652_zps4bdzi9tp.jpg

 photo IMG_3655_zpsxqkyz7bd.jpg

 photo IMG_3657_zpslcjv4t17.jpg

After visiting this Artbox location, I can understand why people are saying that it is not as nice as the previous ones. It is significantly smaller with lesser stalls and the food selection didn’t appear to be as fanciful as the previous editions. However, if you’re visiting it for the first time, I’m pretty confident that you will still enjoy it as it has a different vibe from the other night markets in Thailand.

A new trying-to-be-artsy night market Talad Neon recently opened (1st Dec) at the Pratunam area which is definitely a lot more centralized. Haven’t visited it yet so I can’t comment but I’m pretty sure it will be a strong competitor.

Nevertheless, I’m quite certain that I will be back at Artbox for my future Bangkok visits, that’s if it is still around.

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